Coolflex Memorize Mattress -

The 7 Coolflex Memorize Memory Mattress is a great way to get a value for money mattress with the deeply comfortable feel of Memory Foam also known as NASA Visco Elastic With a medium comfort feel the Memorize uses traditional open coil bonnell springs to provide your sleeping shape with support Over the springs there are generous layers of upholstery underpinning the memory foam Memory foam gently spreads out as your own body heat sinks in to it forming a mattress surface that fits your body shape like a glove alleviating pressure points for a genuinely restful nights sleep Multi quilting dimples the surface of this mattress locking the filling layers in place and extending the mattresss durability Please note that whilst the mattress covers fabric quality will remain the same occasionally the design may change clearance cover fabrics are used to provide you with the best price possible

£ 99.32